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 StrengthenStandards for Excellence     April 23, 2014  

  "a very specific and comprehensive guideline for what we should look like as an organization if we are to live up to our full potential"


Profiles In Excellence
Parks and People Foundation

Congrats to Alternative Directions! Minimize

Congrats to Alternative Directions, Inc. for renewing their accreditation under the Standards for Excellence!

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Standards for Excellence Code Book
  • 8 Guiding Principles
  • 55 Performance Benchmarks
  • The basis for the Standards for Excellence program.
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    Get recognized for implementing the code through our accreditation and tiered recognition programs.

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    Our trainings, educational resource packets, FAQ's, and technical assistance can help you achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency throughout your organization.

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    List of the organizations that have committed to improving their governance and management. These are truly organizations you can trust.

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