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 StrengthenTools & Assistance     April 20, 2014  
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Strong nonprofits work effectively and efficiently to ensure that their missions are fulfilled, achieving the greatest impact possible for Maryland's communities.
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See our member assistance policy (below) for more information. 
Educational Resource Packets
Strengthen core governance and management functions of your organization utilizing the nationally recognized Standards for Excellence educational resources.
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Find the samples you need to save time
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  • Assessment Tools
Find answers to common questions we encounter on a wide range of nonprofit management and governance issues

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Belief Statement

Maryland Nonprofits deeply believes in our responsibility in strengthening our state’s nonprofit sector. We rely on our experienced staff and volunteers. We have a strong culture of sharing excellence through best practices and mutually learning from each other. Our support is different than a simple search engine result – it is personal, customized, and tested and shared. Knowing our own capacity and the (fast) speed at which our members deserve the best assistance, this protocol ensures our efforts are as effective as possible in meeting the needs of our sector.
Scope of Member assistance


All mini-consultation appointment requests will be responded to within one business day. Appointments will be scheduled within a week, depending on the schedule of requested staff. We cannot provide immediate assistance except in emergency or extraordinary circumstances. 


Maryland Nonprofits’ staff will assist members in 15 minute blocks of time in the most efficient way possible – via phone, email, online chat, or in-person as required. At the end of the session, if the question is not complete, staff will advise the member that additional research is needed and schedule a follow-up session. Members may contact staff for assistance up to 12 times per year. Any assistance that goes beyond 45 minutes per instance should be referred to the Maryland Nonprofits’ Consulting Group.

Maryland Nonprofits’ staff will assist non-members up to 15 minutes. By the end of the session, staff will encourage the person to join Maryland Nonprofits for additional help. If a question cannot be answered in 15 minutes, staff will advise the person that Maryland Nonprofits must give precedence to its members. Non-members may be helped once per year.
410.727.6367 -- 1500 Union Ave, Suite 2500, Baltimore, MD 21211 (for general inquires)
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