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Marylanders for Open Government

Marylanders For Open Government


We are a network of diverse organizations connected by our interest in demanding fair and open access to government-funded data and information. Members of the network include environmental and public health groups, good government groups, consumer advocates and social justice organizations. Marylanders for Open Government does not endorse candidates or political parties. 

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Important information is too often inaccessible to the public. By removing legislative and regulatory barriers, we are working to ensure that Marylanders have better access to data, information and public records concerning health, safety, natural resources, civil liberties and how government funds and subsidies are spent.


We are grateful to the General Assembly and Governor Hogan for passage of last year’s legislation updating the Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) for the first time since 1970. This newly enacted law is a critical step to ensure the MPIA is enforced consistently and correctly. 

In addition to our ongoing work to ensure the new MPIA oversight law is enacted swiftly in the public interest, we are focused on three legislative priorities for the 2016 General Assembly session:

In addition to these priorities, we will also continue our work to ensure that Maryland’s new PIA law is properly implemented.



Show your support of the Marylanders for Open Government campaign on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. Help us spread the word about the need to improve Maryland’s open government laws. Use the hashtag #MdOpenGov to increase the reach of your posts and support our campaign. 

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