Maryland Nonprofits 2018 Annual Conference
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Creating impact in our communities requires us to deeply connect with a broad and diverse array of stakeholders. Given the charged climate in the US and around the world, this can seem daunting. But there's hope... The ways we carry out our work, and talk about our efforts – how we individually demonstrate our brands – affect not only our approach to creating community change, but also the likelihood of success. We can break down barriers by fostering diverse leadership, embracing varied audiences, offering inclusive programming, advocating, and applying a racial equity lens to our technology, communications, and marketing strategies. At #MANOAC18, we’ll focus on creating the greatest impact possible by advancing equity and investing in solid organizational capacity. 

#MANOAC18 features keynotes by two powerhouse women, Makani Themba (Chief Strategist, Higher Ground Change Strategies) and Amy Sample Ward (CEO, NTEN). Both are invested in meaningful community engagement that creates lasting change, and will speak to strategies that we can all use to more inclusive. 

Regardless of your job role, #MANOAC18 is a unique opportunity for in-depth exploration on topics necessary to create positive systemic change. Program managers, CEOs, and other leaders have an opportunity to build skills in strategy, human resources, fundraising, leadership, and advocacy. Fundraisers, communications teams, and marketing staff will learn new ways to run effective campaigns that broaden their reach - particularly important considering the opportunities that are upon us with the next election and legislative session. A special track for CFOs will demystify the world of government contracts and grants and introduce new strategies to make resources go further. 

#MANOAC18 will feature special programming open to all attendees presented by Maryland Association of Resources for Families and Youth (MARFY). Direct care professionals, supervisors and program leaders will benefit from exploration of trauma-informed care, building relationships with families, retaining a strong workforce, and being inclusive in service delivery. 

Take a break from your regular work to connect with leaders in the nonprofit sector and share your ideas on creating impact.


Makani Themba photo MAKANI THEMBAChief Strategist, Higher Ground Change Strategies

How we talk about our work can make all the difference in the level of resources we attract to achieve our missions. Words that inspire, connect and uplift our communities also inspire our donors. How we engage our audiences to support our causes – whether it be in public policy, movement building, or a fundraising appeal - truly matters to the level of success and response rate we receive. The words we use can even make a difference in our organizational culture and how well we achieve our mission goals. With the best of intentions, we make mistakes in our messaging that, social science research shows, render them ineffective. Often, making subtle, correcting shifts can feel counter-intuitive.  At this year's conference, #MANOAC18, learn the insights that will make your communications come alive and connect more effectively to your audiences! 


Maryland Nonprofits' Annual Conference keynote speaker, MAKANI THEMBA, Chief Strategist, Higher Ground Change Strategies, has decades of experience steeped in the research and practice of effective framing for change communications.  She brings a racial justice lens to her work and has an accessible and inclusive way of helping us think differently about how we communicate with and engage diverse audiences. 

Maryland Nonprofits annual conference will feature a full range of workshops on communications, messaging and framing to ensure your organization sets the right tone and gets greater results in every message you send. 

AMY SAMPLE WARD, CEO, Nonprofit Technology Network

Amy Sample Ward photoMaryland Nonprofits' Annual Conference keynote speaker, AMY SAMPLE WARD, CEO, Nonprofit Technology Network is dedicated to educating and supporting organizations in using technology to create meaningful community engagement and make lasting change. Whether it is by connecting individuals, organizations, campaigns, or possibilities, Amy hopes to facilitate the nonprofit technology sector transitioning into a movement-based force for positive change.  

In 2013, Amy co-authored Social Change Anytime Everywhere: How to implement online multichannel strategies to spark advocacy, raise money, and engage your community with Allyson Kapin. She previously co-authored Social by Social, a handbook in using social technologies for social impact, and has contributed to various other publications about social change and technology. In addition to serving as NTEN’s CEO, she is a speaker, author, and trainer having worked with groups and spoken at events around the world.

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Maryland Nonprofits awards a limited number of full and partial scholarships to nonprofit leaders who could otherwise not afford to attend our annual conference. The scholarship application for Nonprofit Development Center participants is now open. Only Maryland Nonprofits members are eligible to apply. Scholarship recipients will receive a maximum of one registration per organization. The deadline to apply is 8/15/18. Apply now >> 


Recognizing the critical partnership between nonprofits and funders in affecting the change we seek in our communities, ABAG has joined its strategic partner, Maryland Nonprofits, to present the 2018 Annual Conference. Through this conference and partnership, ABAG seeks to increase the impact of its members by sharing expertise, influencing good governance of nonprofits, and increasing opportunities for dialogue and collaboration. ABAG is the network for Maryland philanthropy with a membership stewarding more than $9 billion in charitable assets.Learn mroe about ABAG: