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In the Decline/Crisis phase, the organization is facing crises in key areas, including repetitive leadership turnover, loss of major funding, a fractured board, etc. Look to Renewal for road map out of crisis. 

Standards for Excellence Guiding Principles

Characteristics and Priorities

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Mission, Strategy and Evaluation

  • Evidence that products and service quality has greatly declined

  • Referrals have dropped significantly

  • No evaluation process

  •  Licensing or accrediting is at risk

  • Community questions need for or tactics of the organization

Leadership: Board, Staff and Volunteers

  • Board rubber-stamps decisions

  • Attendance low

  • High turnover among Executive staff and board

  • Conflict between board and staff

  • Conflict among board members

  • Cannot agree on primary mission

  • Executive Director makes all decisions without consultation with board, allows board to make all decisions

  • Executive Director inaccessible, unable to meet deadlines, priorities

  • Staff complaints/grievances

  • Consulting: Board Development
  •  Standards for Excellence Packet: Board/Staff Partnership
  •  Standards for Excellence Packet: Board Responsibilities
  •  Standards for Excellence Packet: Succession Planning
  •  Standards for Excellence Packet: Sustainability and Sustainability Planning 

Legal Compliance and Ethics

  •  Fraud

  •  Harassment

  •  Lawsuits

  • Investigation

  • Conflicts of Interest

  • Related-party transactions

  •  Standards for Excellence Packet: Legal Requirements Checklist
  •  Standards for Excellence Packet: Reporting Misconduct and Whistleblower Protection
  •  Standards for Excellence Packet: Conflicts of Interest
  •  Standards for Excellence Packet: Code of Ethics

Finance and Operations

  • Poor audit findings or “going concern” letter

  • Critical records (tax forms, personnel policies, client files) cannot be found

  • Staff unable to present clear financial picture

  • Unable to meet payroll

  • Behind on invoices

  •  Standards for Excellence Packet: Risk Management and Insurance
  •  Standards for Excellence Packet:: Internal Controls and Financial Policies

Resource Development

  • Loss of more than one key funder

  • Termination of contracts

  • Loss of paying customers

  • New directions in fundraising always discussed but not acted on

  •  Standards for Excellence Packet: Resource Development Planning

Public Awareness, Engagement and Advocacy

  • Negative press - Loss of trust with stakeholders

  • Key constituents cannot define purpose, services of organization

  • Perception or rumor organization is in crisis

  •  Standards for Excellence Packet: Educating and Engaging the Public


Better governance and management practices allow you to focus on meeting your mission, strengthen fundraising, improve decision-making, prepare for transition, minimize risk, and engage your board. Learn more about the Standards for Excellence Code - and embark on your organization's path to Excellence.

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